Setting DCOM Permissions for Mount Point Support

The error shown below is the result of the Monitoring service account not having the necessary activation rights in DCOM for Virtual Disk Service on the server. Updating to the latest version of SQL Sentry should resolve this issue. However, if upgrading isn’t possible at the moment, you can take the steps listed below to set the proper permissions:

**Disclaimer: Do not edit the registry unless it is absolutely necessary! Modifying the registry may require you to reinstall your OS. Before editing or changing anything, you may consider backing up the Registry.

1. Get GUID from error stack

2. Run regedit.exe on the server hosting the SQL Sentry Monitoring service


4. Search for GUID from error stack (Ctrl + F)

5. Another GUID will be shown in the right hand pane. Double click on AppID, copy the GUID presented in the Value Data text box, and search for it in the registry (Ctrl + F)

6. After locating the second GUID, right click on it and select Permissions

7. In the Permissions window, click on Advanced, go to the Owner tab, select Administrators and select Apply and OK

8. Back in the Security tab, select Administrators and grant Full Control

9. Select Apply (leave regedit window open)

10. Run dcomcnfg.exe on the server hosting the SQL Sentry Monitoring service. Expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config

11. Locate Virtual Disk Service Loader, right click and select Properties

12. Go to the Security tab

13. For Launch and Activation Permissions and Access Permissions, select the Customize radio buttons and select Edit

14. In each edit window, Select Add and add the SQL Sentry Monitoring Service account and give the account full permissions (check all Allow boxes)

15. Select OK for all open windows in dcomcnfg and regedit

16. Select the Device in question from the Navigator pane within the SQL Sentry Client, and select Scan for Configuration Changes

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