Steps To Upgrade To A New Version Of SentryOne

  1. Log into the Customer Portal 
  2. Under the “Downloads” section, download the appropriate installation file
  3. Backup your existing SQL Sentry database
  4. Close all connections to the SQL Sentry database - this includes client(s) and monitoring service(s).
  5. Run the new version's installation file on the main SQL Sentry server (the server housing the SQL Sentry monitoring service). This will upgrade the SQL Sentry database, local monitoring service, and local client
  6. Run the new version's installation file on all other servers running additional monitoring services. Once the monitoring service has been upgraded, it can be started and begin monitoring
  7. Run the new version's installation file on any computer with the client installed

Note: All SentryOne components, including the SentryOne database, monitoring service(s), and client(s) must be on the same build to work.

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