Initialization Errors (RPC Server or WMI Collection)

Performance Advisor Initialization Problems (RPC Server Not Available, WMI Collection Failed etc...)

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor has certain requirements to properly collect all performance data. Most monitored systems will already meet these requirements, but some, such as those that have had security levels increased or that may reside on another domain, there may be additional considerations.

First, you should ensure that all security requirements are met, as outlined here.

Next you’ll want to ensure that the required services are running properly on the monitored server. Two Windows services that are known to cause problems for remote performance data collection are the “Remote Registry” and “Windows Management Instrumentation” services. If you are seeing client alerts or initialization errors that mention either one of these services, you should first check to ensure they are running on the monitored server. If already running, try restarting them. Restarting either of these services should have no noticeable impact on the server. After these services have been restarted, the SQL Sentry Monitoring service should also be restarted.

If the services seem in order and the problem persists, this post covers the network ports required for SentryOne to gather performance data.

If you are still experiencing problems after implementing the above recommendations, please contact us at, and we will work with you to determine the cause of the issue.

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