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The SentryOne blog site has a large volume of great information surrounding SentryOne and SQL Server in general. Because the blog site is not restricted to just SentryOne topics, some great information specifically surrounding SentryOne features may be missed or skimmed over. In an effort to increase the visibility of these types of blog posts, this list has been compiled.


SentryOne Help Center

SQL Sentry Customer Portal


Top SQL Tips and Tricks

Make Life Easier Using the Environment Health Overview

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor : Disk Activity tab

Have You Been Using Runtime Statistics?

An Introduction to SSAS Performance via SQL Sentry

Monitoring Tintri VM Stores : A Sneak Preview

Event Chains in Event Manager

Visualizing Jobs (and more!) in Event Manager

SQL Sentry v10 : Introducing Support for Azure SQL Database

SQL Sentry v10 : Your world's about to get a whole lot bigger

SQL Sentry v9.0 : Virtualization, Cloud VMs, Global Baselines

SQL Sentry v9.0 : Monitoring APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Analyze This (Power BI), security, and you!

SQL Sentry in the Cloud

SQL Sentry v8.2: Adaptive Web UIs and Fast Query Capture

SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager : An Overview

I Didn't Know It Could Do That! (Jump To..)

I Didn't Know It Could Do That! (Part 2) (Column Chooser/Top SQL)

I Didn't Know It Could Do That! – Using Notes

SQL Sentry v8: Baselines from Every Angle

SQL Sentry v7.5: A Better AlwaysOn

My Favorite SQL Sentry v8.4 Features: #1 – Dashboard Custom Wait Categories

I Didn't Know it Could Do That! : Enabling Additional Performance Counters

SentryOne and SQL Server Agent Jobs (Event Chains)

Event Log Management Tools in SentryOne

What’s Up in the SentryOne Cloud


 Conditions and Alerting:

Disabling Advisory Conditions in SentryOne 

Creating Advisory Conditions in SentryOne – Part 2 – The Examples

Creating Advisory Conditions in SentryOne

Advisory Conditions : Available Actions

Send SQL Sentry alerts to your phone

Using the Email Alert Filter

SQL Sentry Custom Conditions for VMware

Custom Conditions: Maximum Instance Count

Custom Conditions : A Logical Choice

Get SQL Sentry Alerts on Slack

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor : Alerting, Baselines, and Standard Deviations

Alerting on a Call Schedule with SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry v8: Intelligent Alerting Redefined

Database Mirroring : Monitoring and Automation with SQL 


Plan Explorer:

Plan Explorer 3.0 Demo Kit

SQL Sentry v10 : Index Analysis

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer v2.7 : Better Anonymization

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer links



SSRS Subscriptions and SQL Sentry Reports

Deploying SQL Sentry Reports to SSRS

New in the SQL Sentry Cloud : Report Subscriptions

Pulling Top SQL from the SQL Sentry database

I Didn’t Know It Could Do That! (Reports – not just for managers)



Got Virtualization? We Can Monitor It!

SQL Sentry v9.0 Virtualization Support : Hyper-V

SQL Sentry v9.0 Virtualization Support : VMware



Targeting Server Core for Monitoring with PowerShell

Workarounds : Plan Explorer / SentryOne client won't maximize 

Using SQL Sentry on a 4K Monitor

SQL Server Monitoring – Getting it Right

Connecting SQL Sentry to a Different Domain

Gap Analysis

Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 1 (Part 2Part 3)

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 1 (Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6)

As a SQL Server DBA, Why Do I Need Performance Advisor for Windows?


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