Changing the credentials of the SentryOne Monitoring Service Account

When it comes to changing the credentials for the SentryOne Monitoring Service, the proper route to take is to use the Service Configuration Utility. This is a utility that can be found in the SentryOne program group on the start menu or in the file path of the machines with the Monitoring Service installed.

When you launch the Service Configuration utility, the first prompt is where you will enter the new service credentials.

The next step will ask for the SentryOne repository information. In most cases the pre-existing repository will already be filled in, so there should be no need to fill in the database information and you can simply select the Connect option. However, if you want to point the SentryOne Monitoring Service to a new SentryOne installation, you can also do that during this step.

If everything completes successfully, you should see a Service configuration complete message on the Service Configuration command prompt window. At this point, you can press any key to close out of the utility as stated.

If you encounter any issues running the Service Configuration utility, please open a support ticket by emailing and we will be happy to assist you.

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