Hosting SentryOne Database On An Availability Group

SentryOne utilizes a Hardware Key to tie licensing to the server hosting the SentryOne database. If this is not set up correctly, you will get a “License Key Mismatch” error.

As stated in the license error message, you need to execute “SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘servername’)” against the instance hosting the SQL Sentry database to verify you are using the server name we are resolving to. Make sure to execute the query exactly as typed. Do not put in the actual server name as the parameter. An exception to this is when the SentryOne database is part of an Availability Group.

Setting The Hardware Key:

In this case, even using the results from SERVERPROPERTY will give you a “License Key Mismatch” error. This is because SentryOne recognizes that the SentryOne database is part of an Availability Group and is looking for the Availability Group ID, rather than the server currently hosting the database. Because the SentryOne database is part of an Availability Group, the physical server hosting it could change in the event of failovers. If licensing were then tied to one of the Availability Group nodes, once a failover occurred, licensing would break and monitoring would stop. To allow licensing to be aware of SentryOne database movements and continue working, the Hardware Key must be tied to the Availability Group ID.

You can get this ID by executing the below query against the instance that will be hosting the SentryOne database:

SELECT group_id as AG_ID, name

FROM sys.availability_groups


Updating the Hardware Key:

Customers can change their Hardware Key through the Portal site ( ).

If you ever have other issues regarding licensing, please be sure to contact our dedicated Support team (

If you log into your Portal account and do not see licensing information, you may not be a License Manager or merged into the main account holding the licensing. If this occurs, or any other issues, please contact Support( ), and they will make sure to get things squared away for you.

Client to Database Connection:

When running the client, you will want to use the Listener name for the “Server Name”. This will allow us to connect regardless of where the database is currently host.

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